What’s in a name?


As soon as I decided I was going to start a blog about life as a first-time mum, I knew I had to include the term “overpriced lattes”.  It’s become a running joke with my fellow mammy friends that as a stay at home mum, my day consists of changing nappies and heading out for overpriced lattes.  Because sure what else would I be doing with all this “free” time that I have on my hands now I’m not working?!

The role of stay at home mum was always something I knew I’d want once I started a family of my own.  Having worked in childcare for a number of years, I was pretty certain that when my own bundles of joy came along, I didn’t want to send them off to a childminder or crèche; that I wanted to be at home raising them myself for as long as possible.  So when Dylan came along 4 and a half months ago, my mind was already made up.  Although I was certain I was doing the right thing for us as a family, handing in my notice was possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.  Being a mum is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s also the hardest.  No matter how many stories you hear from friends or how many books you read (and trust me I read them all!), nothing can prepare you for the way your life changes once you’re handed that little human.  But it’s true what they say, it’s all worth it.

So I’ve decided to share my journey and give an honest insight into my life as a stay at home mum.  I can’t guarantee much but one thing’s for sure – they’ll be a lot of dirty nappies and overpriced lattes along the way!





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