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Mummy & Baby Cinema Date

20160727_140434Going to the cinema was one of my favourite treats PD (Pre-Dylan).  We went to watch Deadpool when I was around 39 weeks pregnant and I remember thinking that I better make the most of it as movie dates would now be few and far between.  That was before I knew of the parent and baby showings.  The idea being that the movie is shown in the morning when there isn’t such a demand for tickets, and because everyone else has their babies with them too, nobody is going to complain if they start kicking off.  Genius!  But would it be as relaxing as it sounds or would I still be a sweating, nervous wreck worrying that Dylan was ruining the film for everyone?

Myself and a friend decided to head to The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield to check it out with Dylan and her little girl.

It’s such a relaxed setting with the lights dimmed so that it’s dark enough for watching the movie but bright enough to see the babies.  The sound is softened so that again it’s loud enough to hear the movie (even over crying babies) yet not so loud that there will be big noises which startle the little ones.  No-one minds if you need to feed or change your baby during the film; and you can do whatever it takes to calm them down if they kick off – you can stand up and walk around or wheel the buggy around at the front of the cinema.  The babies either sit on their parents laps, lie in their prams or car seats, or even play on the floor at the front of the screen with their toys while their parents sat on the front row.  Admittedly during the movie we went to see, there was very little in the way of unhappy babies.  Most of them were happily goo-ing away quite content, but when they did start to fuss no-body batted an eyelid.  Any worries we had about not being able to enjoy the movie were washed away.

We needn’t have worried about Dylan or Méabh either.  They were transfixed by the big screen for the first while, then after a feed both fell asleep for the majority of the movie – result!

The added bonus of this cinema is that they have a lovely little coffee shop upstairs where you can sit after (of course we had to indulge in an overpriced latte once the movie was finished) and they have a fabulous selection of the most delicious cakes! It also means that if you don’t fancy the standard popcorn and fizzy drink, you can take in a coffee and cake to the screening.

Price-wise, it’s one of the more expensive mother and baby screenings at €7.50 for your ticket (compared to €5.60 in Movies at Swords and Dundrum) but I still feel that’s a decent price for a treat day out.

So for any mums and dads out there who love catching the latest releases, or for anyone looking for something different to get out of the house for a few hours, I’d highly recommend trying the parent and baby screenings as a fun day out!

Parent & Baby Screenings in The Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield are every Wednesday and Saturday morning.  Find out more here.  This is not a sponsored post.


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