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The Boy Behind The Blog : 5 Month Update

Snapchat-1502512164299320084Dylan turned 5 months this week which means we’re almost at half a year old.  I’m not sure where the time is going but it’s going past far too fast for my liking! He’s changing so much everyday and his personality is really shining through.  He’s cheeky and funny and loves a good giggle.  He’s a people watcher; he hates to be missing out on anything and wants to be involved in everything.  He’s begun grabbing for things he wants, making loud noises to get your attention, following people around the room with his eyes, trying to grab our dogs if they come close, and sticking his tongue out to get a reaction.  The past month has seen him come on leaps and bounds.  He seems to be constantly learning new things and hitting new milestones every week.

Things he loves:

  • Bath time
  • Playing horsey on your knee
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Having his neck tickled
  • His baby massage, particularly his legs
  • Playing with his doggies – he is absolutely fascinated by our dogs!
  • His feet – constantly pulling at them and trying to eat them
  • Noisy sounds – he loves the hairdryer and the hoover
  • Seeing daddy come home from work

Things he dislikes:

  • Lying on his back
  • Daytime naps – he’s fighting these at the moment!
  • His feet being touched – just like his daddy!

Big milestones:

  • Confidently rolling over – he hates being on his back and rolls to his tummy straight away
  • Sitting up unaided – he’s managing to sit on his own for a good few minutes now and he’s delighted at himself for this!
  • Sleeping on his tummy – up until now we’ve tried hard to keep him sleeping on his back but we’re fighting a loosing battle. The minute you put him down for a sleep he rolls onto his tummy, so we’ve given up fighting him and just let him sleep how he wants
  • Eating solids for the first time – he’s loving his grub so far!

Firsts this month:

  • First time sitting up unaided
  • First solids
  • First trip to the zoo
  • First time at the beach
  • First cinema trip
  • First time on a swing

You might have noticed that I tend not to share many pictures of Dylan either here or on the Facebook page.  When I started mummy blogging, I made a decision not to overshare pictures of him.   It’s a very personal and individual decision and one that might change over time, but for the time being I want to keep the majority of his photo’s offline when it comes to the blog so you’ll tend to see a lot of shots from the side or behind for now! 



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