Then & Now

Designer-HandbagBack then, my handbag collection was extensive.  They might not have been designer but they were all gorgeous and I used to enjoy picking out which one to use each day depending on what I was wearing.  I always said I wouldn’t succumb to the ugly changing bag that so many mums seemed to carry around – sure how much could one baby need, surely a couple of nappies would fit into my handbag?

Now I am the (not-so-proud) owner of a glorious green and blue changing bag.  It’s not even one of the luxurious Pink Lining bags, nope I could not justify that price tag when inevitably it’s going to end up covered in either puke, spilt milk, shitty nappies, or on some magical days all of the above. No it’s a big, bulky ugly bag that cost a mere €20 that fits what seems like my entire house because it turns out babies need a LOT of stuff.  There’s just about space for my phone, purse and keys.

Young woman with cucumber slices on the face in a spa saloon

Back then, I religiously removed my makeup every night, put on moisturiser twice a day and did a home facial every Sunday.  I spent a fortune on skincare and was sucked in by the latest anti-aging moisturisers and anti-wrinkle eye-creams.

Now….stealing the babies sudocreme to put on hormonal spots once a month counts as a skincare routine right?  And as for the bags under the eyes, well no cream is magic enough to fix these!


Back then a treat was getting my nails done; getting a facial; maybe even booking in for a massage if it was a particularly stressful month.

Now it’s a treat if I get to Aldi on my own to do the shopping in peace.

Wineglass in hand

Back then being up at 6am could only mean one thing – a great night with a hangover of epic proportions on it’s way.

Now 6am is standard wake up time.

w583h583_114729-meet-the-sullivans-my-diaper-bag-essentialsBack then if I wanted to leave the house I’d simply pick up my handbag, pick up my keys and go!

Now it’s a military precision operation that takes about half an hour just to get out the door. By the time the changing bag has been checked, nappy changed, bottles made and put in the bag, a run around trying to find his favourite soft toy, the enevitable change of clothes because he’s puked or had a poo explosion just as your about to walk out, you get the idea.


But now I have this little guy in my arms and even though my life has changed more than I could have imagined, none of the “then” even matters anymore.


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