Hugging Him A Little Tighter

2016-08-19-1471620789-711461-abI’ve always been emotional (typical Pisces right here) but since having Dylan I’ve noticed I’ve become so much more affected by things on the news or TV programmes.  I normally can’t bring myself to read articles or watch news stories of children being mistreated or hurt in any way as I find myself getting far too emotional but the image of little Omran Daqneesh over the weekend has been hard to hide from.  Tears were running down my face as I watched the news footage of him being pulled out of the rubble, stunned, dazed and bleeding.  Last night I learnt that although Omran survived and is doing okay, his big brother Ali who was just 10, passed away from his injuries.  The horrible reality is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of other children in the same situation as Omran and Ali.

It’s just devastating to see the effects of the war on such innocent little lives and terrifying to think we are raising our children in a world where this is a regular occurrence.  Tragedies like this obviously had an impact on me before I had Dylan, but since becoming a mum they just strike me to my core.  I wish I could pick all these children up and hug them in close, make them feel safe and loved.  I read a quote recently that said “I wouldn’t change my children for the world but I wish I could change the world for my children” and it’s so true.  I wish the world was a happier place; a safer place.  I wish all the children in the world were as fortunate as Dylan.  We might not have the best of everything, but we have a roof over our heads, we have a place to call home.  We’re happy, we’re healthy, we’re safe.

Last night after watching the news I hugged him that little bit tighter and reminded myself just how lucky and fortunate we are.


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