Our Weaning Essentials

Screenshot_2016-08-22-14-22-26-1We’ve had a great time the past few weeks starting Dylan on his weaning journey.  It’s been a lot of fun so far, we’re doing a combination of puréed foods and finger food which seems to be working well for us at the moment.  There hasn’t been anything he doesn’t like yet, although there was a week where he went off his solids a little but we reckon that was down to teething as he was back to normal, devouring everything in sight, within a few days.

We’ve only been weaning for a relatively short while but we’ve got a fair idea of what works for us at this stage and what items have been essentials for us.

High Chair


We used our bumbo seat for the first couple of weeks before moving on to the highchair.  We had planned to buy one of the Ikea antilope highchairs s it had come highly recommend however my aunty bought us this Chicco one as a present and we do really like it. It’s easy enough to clean and I love the little storage basket underneath where I keep a stash of bibs and wet wipes. It’s great to have him sat at the table with us while we eat together.

Good Bibs


Decent bibs are a must in my opinion as Dylan ends up in some states! I know some people who do Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) like the ones with sleeves but we are happy with these ones from IKEA.  They’re really easy to clean as you can just wipe them down with a cloth between meals which I find really handy and they’re so big that they cover his whole top.



Any little plastic bowls will do (and we do use the plasatic IKEA bowls aswell) but we like these Tommee Tippee Pop Up Freezer Pots.  They fit into the changing bag well if you have to feed on the go, and the fact that they’re leak proof means you don’t need to worry about any spills.



Any spoons are fine to use (so long as they are free from BPA if plastic), however I like to use these red LIGA spoons. Their short handle means that it’s easy for Dylan to hold them and try to feed himself.


We’re still trying to master drinking from a sippy cup but we’re starting to have some success with this Nuby one. It doesn’t spill or leak and the double handle makes it easy for Dylan to hold.

Ice Cube Trays


If puréeing foods then ice cube trays are really handy for batch cooking and freezing.  I purée some fruit or vegetables, then pop the mashed food into the ice cube trays.  Then whenever we need to take food out we can just take a cube or two and it’s the perfect sized portion or him.



Again this relates to puréeing, but a blender or food processer is obviously needed to get the food to an easy to eat consistency.  There are machines out there that Steam and Blend the food quick and easy which I was tempted to buy, but we are only planning on blending his food for the first few weeks before gradually making it lumpier and moving towards more BLW so it seemed a waste of money to splash out on a fancy machine.  Instead I just use the hand blender I already have in the cupboard!

Mesh Feeder


Again if BLW this is a something you can probably skip but we’ve found this one of our favourite products when it comes to weaning.  It’s really easy for Dylan to hold himself and great for parent’s who are a little too scared of the gagging/choking aspect of BLW. Cleaning it is a bit of pain but it’s worth it to see how well Dylan eats from it.

I’ve read up on both traditional and BLW, and find it interesting to compare the two.  For traditional weaning, I enjoyed the Annabel Karmel books as they have great idea’s for starting out and lovely recipes.  BLW-wise I’ve been reading the Gill Rapley books and find them great.

We’re really enjoying weaning at the minute and are happy with our decision to do a bit of both puréed meals and finger foods as it seems to be working really well for Dylan, he loves his grub! It’s just mad to think my baby is already at this stage already!!



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