Links I’m Loving

textgram_1472338951I love to read, but since having Dylan I neither have the time nor concentration to get stuck into a juicy novel; it’s one of the reasons why I follow so many blogs.  So I decided that every Sunday I would share the blogger love, highlighting three of my favourite blog posts I’ve read this week.

5 Things That Give New Mothers Rage

Lisa from The Irish Baby Fairy is a midwife/new mummy whose blog is full of extremely informative pregnancy and labour information while sharing her musings as a new mum.  This post on 5 things that give new mothers rage is so funny because it’s all true! I could probably add another few to the list myself but she hits the nail on the head with her 5 picks.

Secrets Of S Mum Going Back To Work

One of my favourite bloggers at the moment, Secrets of S Mum perfectly summed up the hardship of both stay-at-home mums and working mums in her post the night before her return to work.  She’s funny, honest and so relatable.

Accepting The Word Just

A really refreshing and honest post from Alison Curtis on the fact that she has “just” one child and why she judges herself for this.

I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I did, let me know in the comments or on Facebook of any posts you’ve enjoyed reading this week so I can go and check them out!



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