The Great Dummy Debate

Mute-ButtonI always said I’d never give my child a dummy but that was of course before I had a baby.  From the minute Dylan came along he was sucking his thumb with such a powerful suck he had left it red raw after just a few hours so a dummy seemed like the better option.

Roll on 5 months and I’m fit to burn the bloody thing.  It’s not too bad during the day I suppose but come nap-time/night-time the thing has me driven demented.   We can’t get him to sleep without the dummy, and several times a night we will be through searching the cot for the god-damn thing because he won’t settle back to sleep without it.  I honestly have no idea how other parents manage to soothe their babies without using one (although I’d love to know!).

Everything I read says if it’s causing as much bother during the night as it is, then now (between 4 and 6 months) is the optimal time to get rid of it.  As with most parenting advice though that’s so much easier said than done.  I have no idea how to get him to settle without it aside from leaving him to cry to sleep which I’m not willing to do.

Every night for the past 2 weeks I’ve told myself “that’s it we’re ditching the dummy”.  And every night without fail, I’ve given in almost straight away just to get him to go down easier.  It’s such a Catch 22 situation.  I’m too tired to put up the fight needed to see through a few nights of weaning from the dummy; but the reason I’m tired is because I’m up half the night putting the dummy back in!

I’d also feel awful taking it away from him as I know he’s teething.  The dummy gives him comfort and I’m not that much of a horrible mum that I’d rather see him sore and upset from teething just so I can have an undisturbed sleep.

So for now I’ll remain a slave to the dummy, living in the hope that he’ll start to find it himself during the night and until then I’ll make sure we always have a good supply of coffee in the house!





3 thoughts on “The Great Dummy Debate

  1. It was the same with my little boy but They do eventually learn to find it and put it in during the night.I found MAM dummy’s that glow in the dark great!

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  2. I don’t know how parents soothe their babies without dummies either! I didn’t want to use a dummy but gave in quite easily. Angus came out sucking his thumb also and I would prefer him to use the dummy than his thumb. all the best. 🙂


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