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Happy Half Year – 6 Month Update

20160905_105451It’s been just over a week since I last posted but sometimes life just gets in the way!  Between a very unsettled teething baba at night, plus a lot of family over from Scotland, the past week has run away with me and I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and get the time to write.  Anyways that’s just life now that we have a little one.  Some weeks I’ll manage to get tonnes done, other weeks it’s  success if we manage to just get through the day!

This week Dylan turned 6 months old.  It’s been an amazing half year but the past month has to be the most fun so far.  He’s really developed his personality now and he wants to be involved in everything!

One of the biggest things since hitting 6 months is that we’ve moved from purees and have started incorporating a lot more Baby-Led Weaning to our day.  Dylan is obsessed with eating independently (he’s a very independent baby in general) and has taken to the baby-led weaning approach brilliantly. It’s nerve-wracking at times but absolutely amazing to watch him eating so well.  He still has some spoon feeds, for example I feed him his porridge by spoon but he will hold and eat a banana while I feed him.

He’s got so much more mobile now and doesn’t stay in one place for very long at all.  He rolls across the room at some speed but in the past few days has also been making attempts to army-crawl.  He can move backwards quite easily now, and has even managed to move himself forward a couple of times.  I’d say it will be a few weeks before we see proper movement but I don’t think it will be all that long before he susses it out.

All he wants to do is play and laugh.  He wants to be entertained but is also happy just playing with his toys on the floor.  He’s so much more interactive now; he makes noises while you sing to him as if he’s joining in, and he gets involved in playing peek-a-boo by pulling muslin cloths off our heads!  We went along to our first music class this week with one of his little pals and they had a great time.

Things he loves:

  • Playing with his little pals – although at this stage it is still very much parallel play (playing alongside each other rather than interacting with each other), he is fascinated with other babies
  • His food – I literally can’t fill him up, he eats all day
  • Being outside – either in his buggy, playing out on the grass, he just loves the outdoors
  • Certain toys – he’s started showing big preferences as to which toys he likes, his currently favourites being a musical bus and a toy laptop
  • Music & Dancing

It’s cliche but true, the month’s are flying in and he’s growing up so quickly.  I constantly go between being excited for him to grow and start doing new things but wanting him to stay as my little baby forever.

Happy half year little man!


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